Out of My Mind - April 2, 2007

It looks like spring, it feels like spring--but they are predicting snow for Easter! The trees have been confused all winter--my lilacs were almost leafed out in December--I'm sure this changeable weather will not help them either!

I can't believe that we are into April of 2007. Scientists study all kinds of things--perhaps they can see if the world is spinning faster or if time has secretly been accelerated--days, weeks, and months fly by in what seems like the blink of an eye. I've been reading Twyla Tharp's book and she says that multitasking is not all it's cracked up to be (my paraphrasing). She says that we are not fully present in anything we do if we are trying to do several things at once. As an example--how many people have you seen driving while on the phone, eating, combing their hair, etc.--usually all at the same time. Can you imagine Henry Ford's dismay? What started out as a faster (ultimately, more reliable) mode of transportation has turned into a phone booth/dressingroom/restaurant! And one that is on the move!

Be sure to check out the Retreat section of this site if you'd like more information on the retreats that Anita Shackelford and I host during the summer and early fall. In addition to our August Adirondack retreat, this year we are also going to be at Sauder Village in Ohio in September. Everyone has a great time and goes home with new skills and a renewed sense of humor and well-being. We'd love to have you join us!

Since January 23, I have been renovating and painting my house. It just seemed like it was time. Instead of the very pale colors I had used in the past, I have gone to deep darks. The bedroom is Concord Grape, the parlor, hallway and stairwell are "Blue Suede Shoes"! All with a trim paint called Cobweb. New textured ceilings in the kitchen and bedroom, my kitchen cabinets have been lowered and a soffit built over them. I still have a ways to go, but the biggest parts of the house are now done. The process is awful while you're going through it, but the results are well worth it. One unexpected result of the renovations was that my Christmas cactus, which normally blooms once or twice a year but with only one or two blooms each time, has burst forth with blooms on every branch--it's absolutely gorgeous!

I've been finishing up some older projects again--and trying to do some new things, too. You may have noticed the new look to the website--a product of much effort on the part of Grant Systems and my own learning curve to adjust to the new system. I'm very pleased as they have assured me that they do backups more frequently than the last host and that they have equipment in place to prevent a major meltdown.

That's about all the news that's fit to print for now. Happy spring, everyone!