December 27, 2005

How can it be almost 2006, when it seems like 2005 just started? I feel like I'm caught in a blender--the faster I swirl, the faster time goes by! I know there are lots of us who feel this way--comfort in numbers?


For those of you who love Wiawaka (Lake George, NY) as much as we do, there is a new Beginning Quilting Workshop in late June. Taught by Marion Payne and her daughter Pay Bayard, it will give anyone a good foundation for hand work. And an additional chance to stay at our favorite place and quilt at the same time. Check under my Retreat heading for more information, or go to


Just like every other year, I am always struggling to finish gifts in time. And like every other year I always vow that next year will be different--and it never is.... But, this year I am approaching the whole thing differently--I have enlisted a group of like-minded quilters who would really like 2006 to be less stressful. We have agreed to work every month on something we can finish and put away for the holiday. It will be so much fun to see how everyone is doing and we have agreed to hold each other accountable--that's always motivating, isn't it? How about joining us in our plan?


My wish for everyone is that the new year be peaceful and pieceful.